Your Solution for the Multi-Child Family Struggle

Imagine two, three, four or more children rustling around the house trying to get their ducks in a row. Sound like a hectic scene? Yeah, we thought so too.

We know that some of you parents reading this don’t actually have to imagine it. In fact, it may have been your reality when you were trying to beat the Friday beach traffic for a nice weekend away not that long ago, only to wind up having to sit in standstill anyway because you and your kids just couldn’t get organized in time.

The multi-child family struggle is real, and our app—which brings to light the need for organization as a family prepares for a typical Monday or a weekend camping trip—provides the solution.

The Unique Plight of the Multi-Child Family

When a nuclear family boasts more than one child, they tend to encounter unique predicaments to that of a single-child family. For one, parents must segment their attention so that each child gets enough. This also means that each child is unable to receive all of a parent’s attention. While this is largely beneficial for the kid’s self image, it can prove to be a little difficult during the minutiae of a family’s day to day.

To add to it, the family’s schedule tends to get a bit more confusing the more children you add. Of course, it all depends on the family’s personal dynamics, but we think it’s safe to say that having more kids pretty much guarantees a busier outlook. (We know you’re probably not one to complain about these matters, for such is life, but don’t be afraid to admit that it can get hectic sometimes.)

When adventures arise, which they will, planning and packing can get a bit messy. Someone may forget a crucial piece of gear and not realize until you’re well into your journey, or something may get lost amidst the hustle and bustle and you just don’t have the time to look for it. These things happen, and we’ll be the first to admit we wish they didn’t.

Get Out The House Transforms Chaos Into Efficiency

Through its tactic of providing checklists for every member of the household, Get Out The House manages to give parents a way to divide their attention equally. However many children you have, they’ll each have a reminder that you’re there to help them through the little things, however stressful they may be.

Even the busiest of schedules are no match for a determined family. Get Out The House provides an outlet for your need for control, despite the fact that your children have far too many commitments for their young lives. Best of all, it does so without being too demanding, and gives the kids a helping hand along the way.

Outdoor adventures and exciting vacations are some of the best parts of life, for child and parent alike. Why spoil it with forgetfulness or stress when you can nip that in the bud with Get Out The House?

Multi-Child Family Outing? Bring It On

You shouldn’t have to feel like having multiple children, all of whom you love dearly, should stop you from taking on any challenge or adventure you wish. The greater the crew, the better the time, so long as you’ve got the right foundation. Through gentle reminders, a transparent agenda and a will to get moving, Get Out The House wants to give that foundation to you with no strings attached.