This Family App Tackles Interactive Parenting with a Twist

One of the main woes of modern society is that of technology. What with kids burying their heads in tablets during dinnertime and parents often equally as distracted by real-time news and social media, it only makes sense that this would be distressing.

But technology doesn’t have to be a force that separates us. The family unit is just as precious as always, and there’s an app that seeks to strengthen the bond, even in the most hectic of times. The Get Out the House app was created with parents and their kids in mind, all to make it easier to get up and go.

What is the Get Out the House App?

Get Out the House is a family app found on smartphones that offers a seriously creative twist for a seemingly mundane task. The app provides guidance for parents to offer their children, giving them straightforward tasks to complete in order to get out of the house on time with all their gear in tow.

This app was built on the basis of families in a hurry, but it can be used for any repeatable task or plan that has a firm deadline. Need to get to soccer practice? Sure. How about getting ready for school, or even learning the bedtime hygiene routine? Yep!

To be honest, many a family can find use in an app such as this, and we know we’re not alone in thinking so.

But…How On Earth Does It Work?

For veterans of family forgetfulness and tardiness, the concept of heading out of the door on time with everything you need may seem a bit…daunting. But it really doesn’t have to be.

By opening the app on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll be prompted to create a departure. Simply input when and where you’re going, who’s accompanying you and why you’re departing. Each member of the family will have specific tasks to complete, like making the bed, brushing teeth, grabbing the lunch box or remembering the recital costume.

Right on the app, you can witness in real time where everyone is at in their departure tasks, and if they’re falling behind or raring to go.

Centering a Distracted Family

It’s not just the kids that get distracted. Everyone loses focus at one time or another. That’s the beauty of this family app; it doesn’t single anyone out. It prompts families to work together, like the nucleus they really are.

Whether you’ve got a busy family who needs centering, or you’ve a child who thinks a bit differently than others, this app provides utmost focus for any purpose.

Bringing Mindfulness to the Mundane

Get Out the House takes a major step in mindfulness practices for the modern family. Everyone has to get ready in some way, shape or form, so why not do it mindfully? Rather that trudging through your tasks, bits of your mind here and there, you might as well streamline the process and put a little purpose in your step.

Get Out the House Brings Purpose to the “Smart” World

In our opinion, the best kind of technology goes beyond convenience. It tackles a real problem that already exists, bringing ease to the life of its users, and doing so organically. All in all, that’s just what the Get Out the House app does for families of every kind.